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Art and Food Pairing™: Wifredo Lam and Une Histoire at the Centre Pompidou; Le JIP'S - Afro-Cuban Canteen

An impressive, ~300-work retrospective of the art of Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) is currently on view in Galerie 2, Level 6 at the Centre Pompidou in central Paris.

Galerie 2 - Entrance to Wifredo Lam exhibition
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Wifredo Lam
1952-1961 Paris, Caracas, Havana, Albissola, and Zurich
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Organized chronologically, the exhibition traces Lam's career from his classical training in Cuba and Spain to his love affair with ceramics in the mid-1970s and beyond.

Self-portrait, II
Wifredo Lam
ca. 1938 Gouache on paper mounted on canvas
The Rudman Trust
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View of exhibition space -
Umbral (left) and La Rumeur de la Terre (right)
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View of exhibition space
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Paramount in the exhibition is the magnificent oil painting The Jungle, which was loaned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

La Jungle
Wifredo Lam
1943 Oil on paper mounted on canvas
Museum of Modern Art, New York
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Also on display are dozens of documents and photos, including invitation cards for exhibitions, personal letters, and illustrations that Lam created for books and magazines.

Outside the gallery, visitors can watch a video of home movies of Lam and his family. Several minutes of the video reveal the artist at work.

Video - Wifredo Lam drawing
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Video - Wifredo Lam painting
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Downstairs, on Level 4, the exhibition entitled Une histoire. Art, architecture et design des années 1980 à nos jours (A History. Art, architecture and design from the 1980s to today) presents paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, films, drawings, photos, and architectural models that evoke the phenomenon of globalization as seen and portrayed through the eyes of various artists around the world. Many of the works shown have been newly acquired by the Pompidou Center and many others have been brought up from the reserves to be shown for the first time.

Grace Jones in 1982 video "A One Man Show"
Directed by Jean-Paul Goude
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Slave Auction
Jean-Michel Basquiat
1982 Acrylic, oil pastel, and collages
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Hans Haacke
1985 Fiberglass, hardboard, photograph, polyester, aluminum, acrylic dye
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Wifredo Lam runs through February 15, 2016.

Une Histoire runs through January 11, 2016.

For information on hours and pricing, click HERE.

Roughly a five-minute walk from the Centre Pompidou, Le JIP'S - an Afro-Cuban canteen - serves a menu of tapas throughout the day. While best known as a nightspot for enjoying African and Cuban rhythms, the plates that emerge from the kitchen merit attention as well.

I arrived here at around 4 PM on a Saturday and was seated on the terrace that faces rue de la Ferronerie.

Le JIP'S façade - rue de la Ferronerie
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I ordered a mojito and studied the menu.

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It was refreshing, but contained less rum than I had anticipated.

From the sixteen items listed on the tapas menu, I selected three that I thought would provide a good indication of the talent in the kitchen: Samossas et nems légumes (vegetable-filled pastries), fritas de patates douces (fried sweet potatoes), and ailes de poulet (chicken wings). For good measure, I decided to try their ti punch as well.

Hot pepper sauce was served as a condiment.

Samoussas et Nems légumes, Fritas de Patates Douce, and Ailes de Poulet
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I received far more food than I had anticipated and wished I had a partner with whom to share my bounty!

The samoussas and nems exuded not a drop of excess oil. They were light, crispy, and delicious. The fried sweet potatoes were tender and flavorful. And the chicken wings were juicy and had just the right "kick" with regard to seasoning.

Before leaving, I took a couple of photos of the interior decor.

Le JIP'S bar
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Le JIP'S lounge
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The ambiance is perfect for music and dancing!

Centre Georges Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou
75004 Paris
Metro: Rambuteau (Line 11), Hôtel de Ville (Lines 1 and 11), Châtelet–Les Halles (Lines 1, 4, 7, 11, and 14)
RER: Châtelet-les-Halles (Lines A, B, and D)

41 Rue Saint-Denis
75001 Paris
Telephone: 01 42 21 88 74
Métro: Châtelet-les-Halles (Lines 1, 4, 7, 11, and 14)
RER: Châtelet-les-Halles (Lines A, B, and D)


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