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2nd Annual Award Ceremony for the Académie de l'Art Culinaire du Monde Créole - The Winners

In last week's blog post, I shared details about the festivities organized by the Academy of Culinary Art for the Creole World for their second annual award ceremony. Today, I'm presenting the winners!

Trophées de l’Art Culinaire Créole award

Eight prizes were awarded in front of a crowd of ~300 persons.

Trophée “Avenir” (“Future” Trophy): for a young culinary professional who particularly distinguished himself or herself over the course of the last 1-2 years (two prizes were awarded this year)

Trophée d’Honneur (Trophy of Honor): for persons (whether culinary professionals or not) who demystify and passionately promote the recognition of Creole cuisine

Prix de l'Innovation Economique (Economic Innovation Prize): for persons that the jury wishes to honor (students, researchers, farmers, restaurant owners ...) for innovative work which is economic in nature

Prix Spécial du Jury (Jury's Special Prize): for a person that the jury wishes to particularly honor

Trophée Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Trophy): for those who respect Creole culinary traditions and promote them through their preparation of traditional, modern, and innovative dishes (this year's award was for traditional cuisine)

Trophée “Littérature Gastronomique” (Gastronomic Literature Trophy): for persons who contribute to the promotion of Créole cuisine through literary works.

Grand Prix de l’Art Culinaire Créole (Grand Prize for Creole Culinary Art): for a person, institution, or geographical entity (city, region…) that has particular distinction in the domain of culinary culture.

The winners (see below) hail from Guadeloupe, Paris / Ile de France, and French Guiana.

Xavier-Guillaume Sivager, winner of the Trophée Avenir, works at Les Jardins du Marais, 74, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris.

Xavier-Guillaume Sivager
Winner of the Trophée Avenir
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Jérôme Bertin, winner of one of the Trophées d'Honneur, works at Le Bistrot Pyramide, 20, rue Pyramides, 75001 Paris.

Jérôme Bertin
Winner of one of the Trophées d'Honneur
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Sandrine Parfait won the other Trophée d'Honneur for her blog, which is entitled Sandrine Cuisine: Cuisine Antillais et Métissée. Morgan Dorvilma, winner of the 2015 Mr. Ambassad'Or International contest, presented it to her.

Morgan Dolvilma and Sandrine Parfait
Winner of one of the Trophées d'Honneur
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The Economic Innovation prize went to Alexe Adélaïde of Guadeloupe. She is the founder of Flocons d'Or - a company that transforms fruits and vegetables such as green bananas, yams, sweet potatoes, and breadfruit into gluten-free, precooked flakes. Her flocons de banane verte (banana flakes) are used as a filling for Chocolats Delgrès, a Guadeloupan brand of chocolates.

Chocolats Delgrès and Flocons d'Or - Breadfruit
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Alexe Adélaïde
Winner of the Prix de l'Innovation Economique
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Gustave Monpierre, proprietor of the Alfortville restaurant called DouDou Kréyol and chef for the 2015 award ceremony, had the pleasure of announcing that his professor and mentor, Joël Kichenin, won the Jury's Special Prize.

Joël Kichenin and Chef Gustave Monpierre
Winner of the Trophée d'Honneur 2014; Chef for 2015 Ceremony
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Joël Kichenin
Winner of the Prix Spécial du Jury
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The other laureates are as follows:

Trophée Entrepreneur - Cuisine Traditionnelle
Clotilde GUIOSE (Cayenne, Guiana)

Clotilde Guiose
Winner of the Trophée Entrepreneur for traditional cuisine
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Trophée Littérature Gastromique for Le Fruit à Pain dans tous ses États (Breadfruit in all its forms), published by MOUV TROPICAL Éditions in 2015
Eddy BABEL (award accepted by his aunt, Mme Paule LACKLMY)

Paule Lacklmy accepts Trophée Littérature Gastromique
for Eddy Babel
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Grand Prix de l’Art Culinaire Créole
Association Gastronomie Guyanaise (Cayenne, Guiana)

From left to right: Minister George Pau-Langevin,
Association President Rosange Lhuerre,
and two additional members of the Association Gastronomie Guyanaise
Winner of the Grand Prix de l’Art Culinaire Créole
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After the ceremony, all the laureates returned to the stage for photos.

The winners
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Then everyone went back to the reception area to enjoy thick, delicious hot chocolate and brioche.

Hot chocolate and brioche at the bar
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It was a superb evening!


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