Thursday, April 7, 2011

Black Paris Profiles™: Almeta Speaks

I was inspired to write this profile after a recent brunch hosted by Almeta at her Paris apartment on a Sunday afternoon. After over five hours of sitting around her table enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal (including a perfect cornbread), scintillating conversation, and laughter, I determined that I would write a profile on this woman who is a never-ending source of incredible stories about her life on two continents and her travels around the world.


Almeta Speaks
© Hudson Taylor, Toronto

Almeta Speaks is a singer, pianist, professor, and film producer.

Born in Reidsville, NC, she began singing and playing piano at an early age. She graduated from high school at the age of 15, then studied and worked as a hairdresser in her home town for three years before moving to New York, where she hoped to study cosmetology. However, because she felt insecure about the math and chemistry requirements for completing the program, she decided instead to work as a mother’s helper (nanny) for a Jewish family on Long Island while considering her career options.


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Elsa said...

Thanks for sharing this. As a black Francophile living in Vancouver, I enjoyed reading about this amazing woman. And I really identify with her comment about home representing a place of refuge and wanting to live in beautiful spaces.

About Beauford Delaney said...

Hi Elsa,

Almeta is amazing! I am very pleased that you enjoyed the posting, and she'll be pleased as well.