Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Black Nun of Moret

Louise Marie-Therese, the Black Nun of Moret (1664-1732)
1695 Artist unknown
Image in public domain

Louise Marie-Thérèse was known as the Black Nun of Moret. She is said to have lived her entire life in a convent but that she only took the veil at the late age of 31. The portrait shown above hangs in the Bibliothèque (library) Sainte-Geneviève, located next to the Pantheon in Paris.

Rumors abound that Marie-Thérèse was the daughter of Queen Marie-Thérèse (Maria Theresa of Spain), wife of Louis XIV. The baby's father was reportedly the queen's African dwarf, Nabo.

Others believe that Marie-Thérèse was fathered by Louis XIV and that her mother was one of the king's many concubines.

It's virtually certain that the truth will never be known. If you're up for some titillating reading about this royal affair, here are some sources to peruse:

The Queen's Mystery Daughter

The Moorish Kings of Europe: Louise Marie-Theresa Daughter of Louis XIV of France

The Black Nun of Moret

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