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3rd Annual Trophées de l’Art Culinaire Créole Award Ceremony - Ambassadors

In its ever advancing quest to safeguard, promote, and defend Creole gastronomy, the Académie de l'Art Culinaire du Monde Créole held its third annual award ceremony on November 5, 2016.

Each year, the Academy expands the award ceremony, increasing the number of honors it bestows and including more areas of the world that are cradles of Creole cooking. This year was no different - for the first time, three culinary professionals from the United States were celebrated. Most importantly, the Academy introduced an ambassadorship program that will extend its reach in a more official and visible way.

This year's dinner was created by Chef Jérôme Bertin, winner of the 2015 Trophée d'Honneur. The amuse bouche consisted of a small cup of a fish soup containing a single shrimp.

Ravioli in citronelle-perfumed bisque
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This was followed by an entrée (first course) of a large ouassous (crawfish) ravioli served with citronelle-perfumed bisque. The main course was a delightful assembly of veal medallion, wild mushrooms seasoned with Bay St. Thomas, sweet potato puree dusted with crushed hazelnuts, and a delicate risotto hash brown seasoned with Parmesan cheese and truffle.

Veal Medallion, sweet potato purée, and risotto hash brown
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The meal was served during the award ceremony. Dessert was served afterward.

Our MCs, Solange Lucina and Rony Théophile, moved the audience through the evening with light-hearted banter.

Solange Lucina and Rony Théophile
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Several performers provided colorful, rousing breaks in the presentation schedule.

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The first person from the U.S. to be acknowledged in the Academy's award ceremony was renowned author and food historian Jessica B. Harris. She was the Invitée d'Honneur (Honored Guest) for the evening and addressed the audience multiple times during the proceedings.

Jessica B. Harris
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I was the second American to be acknowledged at an Academy award ceremony. I have been named U.S. Ambassador for the Academy!

Each ambassador was called by name as he or she walked onto the stage.

2016 Ambassadors (from left to right): Marie-Antoinette Séjean, Monique Y. Wells,
Jenny Hippocrate, Andjizy Darouche, Gordon Henderson, Joel Kichenin, and Rosange Lhuerre

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We recited our oath together. Then each of us was given a sash by Academy president, Georges Garnier.

Reading the ambassador's oath
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President Georges Garnier distributes certificates and sashes
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The entire list of 2016 Ambassadors for the Académie de l'Art Culinaire du Monde Créole is as follows:

Andjizi DAROUECHE - Mayotte


Gordon HENDERSON - Dominica and Anglophone Caribbean

Joël KICHENIN - Guadeloupe

Rosange LHUERRE - French Guiana

Marie-Antoinette SEJEAN - Health Ambassador (France)

Monique Y. WELLS - USA

Stéphane DURAND - Haïti (absent)

Marie-France GRAIN-GALET - Reunion Island (absent)

Edis SANCHEZ - Dominican Republic (absent)

After the ambassadors left the stage, the MCs introduced the Cercle Gastronomique des Jeunes Chefs Créoles - five young chefs who are making a name for themselves in the Creole cooking arena. Chef Xavier-Guillaume Sivager (center in the photo below) won the Trophée Avenir award last year.

Cercle Gastronomique des Jeunes Chefs Créoles and MC Rony Théophile
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Next week, I'll present the trophy winners - two of whom are American!

Monique with ambassador's certificate
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