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Vincent Germain Sings - A Voice Coaching Recital

Vincent Germain loves to sing.

Vincent Germain
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So much so that he hired a coach to help him train his voice, learn to work with musical accompaniment, and interact with his audience.

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 5, that coach held a recital for him at her home. Friends, relatives, and acquaintances turned out to listen to him and guitarist Philippe Alfonsi perform fourteen jazz, R&B, and French classics. These included "Sunny," "Ménilmontant," "The Girl from Ipanema," and Prince's "Kiss."

Vincent and his audience
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Philippe Alfonsi and Vincent Germain
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For a few of the songs, Vincent accompanied himself on piano.

Singing and playing the piano
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Toward the end of the recital, he got the audience on its feet and had members singing, dancing, and clapping to the music.

Vincent's coach is Joan Minor, longtime Paris expat and consummate performer. She has worked with Vincent since 2013 and is proud of the progress he's made since she hosted his first recital at her home in October 2013. She says it's a thrill for her to see a student make a breakthrough and think that she had something to do with it!

Joan Minor
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Joan joined Vincent for the last couple of songs, ad libbing and adding a little humor to the mix by cajoling the audience to partake of the buffet spread she prepared for the event.

Joan and Vincent singing
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By the end of the performance, everyone was laughing and so inspired that they demanded an encore. Vincent complied by singing "What a Difference a Day Makes." During the reception afterward, he continued to sing and play the piano, regaling attendees with songs such as "Touch Me in the Morning" by Diana Ross.

Tickling the ivories
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Vincent has been singing at piano bars on his own for some time, but now has a steady musical partner in Philippe. He says he's ready to move to the next phase of his singing career and start booking paying gigs.


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