Thursday, November 5, 2015

Black Chefs on ETBP

Chef Michael Poole returned to Paris this fall. Tom and I caught up with him Tuesday night at Mococha Chocolats, where we attended a tasting of Erithaj chocolates from Vietnam.

Chef Michael D. Poole at Mococha Chocolats
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Our encounter inspired me to look up the last article that I wrote about him.  I was astonished to discover that I've written no fewer than five of them!

Seattle Firefighter Michael D. Poole Shows Parisians How to Make *Hot* Caramel-filled Chocolates

Chef Michael D. Poole brings Cayenne Caramel to Paris

Chef Michael Poole – Summer Sabbatical

Chef Michael Poole - Artisanal "Hot Chocolat"

Chef Michael Poole - Firefighter and Cordon Bleu Grad

This inspired me to look back through the blog archives to find other articles that I've written about chefs. Below are photos of some of them, along with links to their articles.

Chef Rougui Dia
Image courtesy of Laurent Guyot Communications

Rougui Dia Rules the Kitchen at Le Vraymonde

Chef Henri-Serge Manga
© Discover Paris!

Cameroonian Chef is King at Cuistance

Chef Alexandre Bella Ola
© Discover Paris!

Rio Dos Camarãos Restaurant: A Review

Of these three chefs, only Chef Alexandre remains at the helm of the restaurants described in these posts. I'm now inspired to revisit his restaurant in Montreuil and to find out where the other two have gone!


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