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Celebrating Creole Cuisine

This year's Fête de la Gastronomie (Gastronomy Festival) will include three days of celebration of Creole cuisine.

L'Académie de l'Art Culinaire du Monde Créole (Academy of Culinary Art for the Creole World) was created to promote Creole cuisine in France. Because this cuisine is considered part of French gastronomy, it is protected by UNESCO as part of the world's Intangible Cultural Heritage. Yet it has its own history and culinary traditions to promote and respect.

Banner for L'Académie de l'Art Culinaire du Monde Créole

One of the Academy's missions is to ensure a standard of quality in Creole cooking that inspires the confidence of the general public. It has created a charter, a log, and a label through which it intends to sensitize consumers to the presence of products in the marketplace that are certified Creole and that respect ancestral culinary traditions.

The Academy has participated in the Fête de la Gastronomie since the festival's inception in 2012. It is partnering with the, a start-up company that specializes in recruitment for the hospitality sector, to create online media buzz for Kréole en Fête (Celebrating Créole) - the Academy's contribution to the 2014 festivities. This initiative allows restaurants to enhance their visibility by vigorously promoting their most appetizing recipes during the festival. It will take place on September 26, 27, and 28.

Bouchons saucisses from La Charrette Créole chez Sylvain
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Georges Garnier*, alias Joby, is president of the Academy. interviewed him at Academy headquarters - 94, rue Vitruve, Paris 20e - as part of the promotion. Garnier presented the organization, what constitutes Créole food, and where it comes from. He explained that Créole cuisine is not limited to the French Antilles, but rather includes cuisine from the entire Caribbean as well as islands in the Indian Ocean.

Garnier also talked about some of the Academy's projects, including what's in store for the public during the Fête. Several Créole restaurants will take up the challenge of creating an entrée (first course), plat principal (main dish), and / or a dessert in conjunction with the theme "herbs and spices." The chef must use authentic Créole ingredients to honor and promote the local suppliers of these products as well as take special care regarding the ambiance of the restaurant and the presentation of the dish.

The winning menu will be published in the ACMC magazine, the first edition of which was published in February 2014. Click on the caption beneath the image of the cover below to see its contents.

Cover of ACMC Magazine - Premier edition (February 2014)

Fourteen restaurants in Paris and neighboring towns will participate in the Fête:

La Canne à Sucre
6 bis, rue Etex
Paris (75018)
01 42 26 51 28

La Charrette Créole chez Sylvain
15, rue Chaplain
Paris (75006)
01 43 26 03 10

Ilet Créole
14, rue Mercœur
Paris (75011)
01 71 70 64 66

Caffé Créole
62, boulevard Beaumarchais
Paris (75011)
01 55 28 50 76

Restaurant Le Payenké
8, rue Paul Henri Grauwin
Paris (75012)

Douceurs Métissees
148, avenue du Maine
Paris (75014)
06 31 19 50 11

Spécialités Antillaises Ménilmontant chez Max
14-16, rue boulevard de Belleville
Paris (75020)
01 43 58 31 30

La Créoline
5, Villa Léonard De Vinci
Épinay-sous-Sénart (91860)
06 19 05 94 77

La Bloggeuse du Rhum
116, rue Maurice Arnoux
Montrouge (92120)
07 50 40 24 18

Sandrine Cuisine Façon Créole
61/63, avenue du 14 Juillet
Bondy (93140)
06 13 05 34 72

Bwe & Manje
18, rue Jean-Jaurès
Bondy (93140)
06 27 76 61 49

DouDou Kreol
183, rue Paul Vaillant Couturier
Alfortville (94140)
01 56 20 33 38

Plézi Karayib
3, rue Henri Sellier
Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (94190)
01 83 76 03 60

Bette Kreyol
1, rue du Docteur Calmette
Limeil-Brévannes (94450)
07 78 32 22 92

Kréole en Fête culminates with a free event that is open to the general public on Sunday, September 28, in Paris. It will take place at the Salon Olympe de Gourges, 15, rue Merlin in the 11th arrondissement. Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM.

Find the Academy on Facebook here: l'Academie de l'Art Culinaire du Monde Créole

*Garnier is also the director of the annual Carnaval Tropical, which has been organized in Paris since 2001.


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