Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seattle Firefighter Michael D. Poole Shows Parisians How to Make *Hot* Caramel-filled Chocolates

By Tom Reeves

Chef Michael D. Poole
Founder of Hot Chocolat
Artisan Firehouse Chocolates - Seattle, Washington
By day he manages firefighters, by night he fires up the burners of his stove. Lieutenant firefighter-and-chef Michael D. Poole came to the City of Light from Seattle this month to show Parisians how to make spicy-hot caramel. If anyone knows about heat and flame, Chef Michael does!

Parisians stand transfixed as Chef Michael makes spicy caramel

Last Thursday was the occasion for Chef Michael's masterclass at Mococha Chocolats. Roughly forty persons crowded into the boutique and stood transfixed as he deftly demonstrated how to make caramel and then use it to fill chocolate molds to create a caramel-filled-chocolate confection.  He made it look so easy!

Chef Michael's expert hands make caramel making look easy!

Cayenne pepper gives the caramel its "kick"

Chocolate molds are filled with spicy caramel

Melted chocolate is ladled over the caramel-filled molds

A tap on the table releases the cooled confections from the mold

Finished caramel-filled chocolates

Chef Michael poses with Mococha proprietor Marie-Hélène Gantois

After the class, Marie poured a lovely crémant (sparkling wine) and attendees proceeded to devour the chocolates and line up to purchase more to take home.

They even helped themselves to what was left of the melted chocolate that was used to cover the caramels.

Pouring crémant

Sampling melted chocolate

Everyone had a marvelous time. We're hoping that Marie will ask Chef Michael back for another masterclass next summer!


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Unknown said...

What a fantastic article! You truly captured the evening. Thank you to Marie-Hélène, Michael, and you for the lovely soirée !

Momsdon'twhine said...

Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful opportunity!