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Elliott Barnes at the Musée Carnavalet

You may remember architect and interior designer Elliott Barnes from the Black Paris Profile that I published on him a few months ago.

Elliott Barnes at AD Interiors 2013 Metamorphose
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In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the creation of elliott barnes interiors, the Musée Carnavalet invited Elliott to display several of his best designs in a show called Transpositions. His works are being shown in the Louis XVI wing, juxtaposed with the period pieces of the museum's permanent collection. They can be seen at the museum through Sunday, May 25th as part of the D'Days Design Festival of 2014.

Musée Carnavalet courtyard
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Entrance to the exposition
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We attended the cocktail party held in Elliott's honor on Thursday, May 22nd and had the opportunity to view the 26 pieces that he provided for the exposition.

On the first floor, we were greeted by a duo that played in front of Apparition, an LCD light panel covered by a textile made of horsehair and copper. This is one of Elliott's designs.

Musicians and Apparition
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The entire ebi collection on display consists of furniture, lamps, room divider screens, floor coverings, and a mirror. Following are several photos that show additional pieces in various rooms of the Louis XVI wing.

AimAi (screen) and Paresse (sofa)
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Arc (lamp)
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Canapé Toi & Moi (sofa)
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Sigma (table)
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Réverie (rug)
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A sumptuous reception awaited visitors in the Galerie des Enseignes at the end of the exposition. We caught up with Elliott there.

Reception in the Galerie des Enseignes
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Elliott and Monique at Transpositions reception
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For more information about elliott barnes interiors, visit elliott barnes interiors.

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