Thursday, June 6, 2013

3rd Annual Brothers Spring Gala and 1st Annual Tannie Awards

The 3rd annual Brothers' Spring Gala took place on Friday, May 31 at the Café Barge in Paris' 12th arrondissement. This year's event was an historic occasion because it was also the first time that the Brothers' Paris presented the Tannie Awards.

“The Brothers” created the Tannie Awards as a means of preserving the legacy of its founder, Tannie Stovall, “in a positive and elegant manner.” Stovall was a graduate of Morehouse College and the University of Minnesota with degrees in Physics (B.S., Ph.D.). He was a civil rights activist, historian, writer, investor, and film producer. A long-time Paris expatriate and a patron of the African-American community in Paris, he was one of 24 expatriates featured in Black Paris Profiles – a Discover Paris! publication that celebrates the contemporary African-American and Afro-Caribbean experience in the City of Light.

Tannie Award
(photographed on a dark background)
© Discover Paris!

By creating the Tannie Awards, The Brothers seeks to support, spur, and increase the entrepreneurial spirit in the African-American community in Paris and to give a sense of meaning and purpose to the annual Spring Gala, which will henceforth be called “The Spring Gala and Tannie Awards.”

The evening began with music by The Brothers Jazz Combo, featuring Sulaiman Hakim on saxophone, Minh Pham on piano, Felipe Solive on bass, and Eddie Allen on drums,

The Brothers' Jazz Combo:
© Discover Paris!

Sulaiman Hakim plays amidst the audience
© Discover Paris!

and a lovely three-course meal with wine.

An excellent meal!
© Discover Paris!

Old friends gathered to renew contact and new acquaintances were struck.

Brian Scott Bagley
© Discover Paris!

Jake Lamar, Linda Lee Hopkins, and Faye Hutchinson
chatting and laughing before the ceremony
© Discover Paris!

Les Theard, Colin Gravois, and Hamida Gravois
© Discover Paris!

Three artists displayed their work:

Romain Gana, Denis Herelle, and Yao Metsoko,

Romain Gana, Denis Herelle, and Yao Metsoko
© Discover Paris!

and artist/curator Cheryl Ann Bolden mounted an exhibit from her Precious Cargo museum.

Cheryl Ann Bolden and Precious Cargo
© Discover Paris!

Trumpetist and Tannie Award nominee Boney Fields joined the band for a few songs.

Boney Fields
© Discover Paris!

Then the anticipated award ceremony began. Several persons took the stage to introduce the nominees for awards in eight categories:

Entrepreneur of the Year
Zachary James Miller: Miller Stovall Sarl / for the production of Sebastian starring Eric Roberts
Marcellous Jones: Fashion Insider TV / Co-Producer Of Men's Fashion Insider
Kathleen Dameron: KD Conseil
Ricki Stevenson: Black Paris Tours
Nicole Pembrook: Nicole's Polished Hair Care
Kim Kimberly: Zen Artitude Bed and Breakfast

Literature and Writers
Jake Lamar: Brothers In Exile
Monique Wells: Black Paris Profiles
Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen: Stockdale and Next of Kin
Barbara Chase-Riboud: Sally Hemings
Sharon Morgan: Gather at the Table

Curtis Young: New Chairman of the Minority Caucus of Democrats Abroad France
Zachary James Miller: Obama Re-election trailblazer / Zachary James Miller / Facebook
Paulette Johnson: Democrats Abroad France / Obama Re-election trailblazer

Visual Arts
Barbara Chase-Riboud
Ealy Mays
Kim Kimberly
Richard Allen

Linda Lee Hopkins: Gospel For 100 Voices
Boney Fields: Live At Jazz à Vienne
Ricky Ford: Sacred Concert CD
Michele Hendricks: Me And My Shadow / Highly Acclaimed International Tours
Janice de Rosa: deRosa / Afro Blues CD

Rebecca Ayoko: fashion model
Mohamed Dia: Creator of Dia-Wear sportswear
Marcellous L. Jones: Fashion Insider TV / Co-Producer Of Men's Fashion Insider

Webzines, Blogs and IT
Monique Wells: Discover Paris!
Tom Reeves: Paris Insights
Marcellous L. Jones: The Fashion Insider
Pricilla Lalisse-Jespersen:
Robin Bates: La Jolie Media Noire and Café de la Soul

Film, Theatre, Dance
Zachary James Miller: Sebastian (film) starring Eric Roberts
Barry Johnson: Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act (musical) / over 200 shows performed at the Theatre de Mogador in Paris
Joanne Burke: When African American's Came To Paris (film)
Julia Browne: When African American's Came To Paris (film)
Brian Scott Bagley: Boylésque Show / THBUZZ / Trés Honoré (musical)
Rick Odums: Centre International de Danse (dance) /

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jon Hendricks: Entertainment
Hal Singer: Entertainment
Velma Bury: Visual Arts
James A. Emanuel: Literature and Writers
Tony Clarke: Film, Theatre, Dance

The winners were:
Entrepreneur of the Year: Kathleen Dameron
Literature and Writers: Jake Lamar
Politics: Paulette Johnson
Visual Arts: Barbara Chase-Riboud
Fashion: Marcellous L. Jones
Entertainment: Linda Lee Hopkins
Webzines, Blogs, and IT: Monique Y. Wells (yes, I'm thrilled!)
Film, Theatre, Dance: Zachary James Miller

All nominees for Lifetime Achievement won awards:
Jon Hendricks
Hal Singer
Velma Bury
James A. Emanuel
Tony Clarke

After the ceremony, the true party began! Winners, nominees, and guests danced until the wee hours of the morning. Boney Fields, Sylvia Howard Sanders, John Meldrum, and Toli Nameless were among those joining the jazz ensemble on stage to share in spreading the love and joy.

Me with my Tannie Award
© SamBg Photographer

Looking forward to next year!


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Arr said...

Congratulations to all of the recipients. I'd love to attend this event in the future.

About Beauford Delaney said...

You'd most certainly be welcome here, Doctor!

Denise Gordon said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Congrats Soror Wells! I remember when Paris was just a great idea and you made it work and turned it into a lifestyle!!

Greg said...

As a bona fide brother who has loved Paris since his first trip in 1984 I would love to attend this event in the future.

Thank You for your blog, its very informative.

About Beauford Delaney said...

Thanks for taking the time to tell me that you appreciate the blog, Greg! Hopefully we'll have news from The Brothers Paris about the next gala soon.