Thursday, May 17, 2012

Secrets of the Black Bloggers: A Book Review

As the creator of Entrée to Black Paris, I was featured in the e-book Secrets of the Black Bloggers a few months ago. Here is a review of the publication.


Secrets of the Black Bloggers by Zhana takes a fresh look at blogs that focus on topics of interest to people of African descent. This e-book provides readers with the opportunity to go behind the scenes at several blogs to see exactly how they are created and how their creators think.

Through her interviews with fourteen writers, Zhana explores issues such as selecting topics, post frequency, and driving traffic to blogs and monetizing them. The bloggers that she features write on a wide variety of subjects, with business, author, and international blogs predominating. The majority of these writers (twelve out of fourteen)—and all who write about business, authorship, and international topics—are women.

Among other things, each writer presents his or her top three tips for blogging. These are invaluable to newcomers to this form of online communication and for those who are struggling with the medium.

As one of the bloggers featured in the book, I was curious to read the responses of fellow interviewees regarding what they enjoy most about blogging. I love the research aspect most, but suspected that others would have a wide range of sentiments about this topic.

I was right! Responses included getting feedback for expanding thoughts and refining ideas and strategies, providing analysis and viewpoints that others have not considered before, connecting with people and inspiring them, and freedom to discuss whatever one wants without censorship. Our motivations are as varied as our blog content.

I was most pleased to see Adrianne George and her Black Women in Europe blog featured in the international section of the book. Adrianne is one of the most dynamic women I have encountered on line and I strongly recommend that you visit her blog!

If you are thinking of starting a blog and want some insight into the process, problems, and priorities associated with blogging, Secrets of the Black Bloggers is a great resource.


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