Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intrigue in Paris: A Book Review

Vee Williams Garcia's novel Intrigue in Paris combines romance and mystery in a quick-reading tale that unfolds in the City of Light. Magazine editor Bluesette "Blue" Stills, singer Nareen Anderson, and administrative assistant Adele Kendrick are the three women around whom the book revolves. All hail from the D.C./Maryland area, all are strong willed, and all find themselves supported, frustrated, or threatened by men at various points in the story.

Nareen's life is the most complicated of the three, as she is being stalked by not one, but two, men. Blue inadvertently becomes involved in this drama because Nareen has agreed to let Blue stay at her apartment during Blue's two-week vacation. Adele has come to Paris for a second time and is looking for a tryst with a man whom she met on her first visit. She meets Blue and Nareen near the end of the story after the plot takes an unexpected turn.

When I read novels set in Paris, I love (and expect) to find the city portrayed as thought it were a character. I want to be able to envision the protagonists walking down a particular street, driving past a particular landmark, eating at a particular short, I want to be transported there! Garcia satisfied my expectation, using a tour company owned by two male characters in the book to take us to major monuments and to provide details about several sites that are important to African-American history in the French capital.

Intrigue in Paris progresses rapidly, provides a surprising twist, and has the elements required to whisk you away from home for a vicarious visit to Paris. Read it and whet your appetite for the city!

Vee Williams Garcia
Photo courtesy of Vee Williams Garcia

Vee Williams Garcia is the author of three previous novels. One of them (Forbidden Circles) is set in Paris; another (The Jazz Flower) ends in Paris. All of her novels include jazz music themes. She currently writes an online arts blog, The Dawn Café Journal, and is working on a collection of poems and a new novel.


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