Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black Paris Profiles™ : Patricia Laplante-Collins

Patricia Laplante-Collins is the undisputed doyenne of the Paris salon scene. She once spent a lot of energy working as a volunteer in American organizations and helping them organize fundraising events, but then created a vision for her own events. She began with evenings focused on Paris’ ethnic communities and moved on to black literary events more than sixteen (16) years ago. Now, with her Paris Soirées, she focuses on gathering Paris expats, English-speaking French, and visitors of all ages to the city for eclectic evenings filled with food, camaraderie, information sharing, and entertainment. The soirées are now into their 13th year. Patricia calls them “My teenager.”

Patricia Laplante-Collins (center)
and the Yale Red Hot and Blue Singers
Photo courtesy of Patricia Laplante-Collins


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Patricia Laplante-Collins said...

It's terrific. Thank you so much and Eve looks beautiful.

Patricia Laplante-Collins

cyberpro said...

A wonderful article Patricia. We look forward to seeing you (and Eve) in the near future.
Until then, Happy New Year!! Richard Roberts

Grace & Nicolas Roquefort-Villeneuve said...

Patricia rocks!!!!

Temple said...

What a wonderful article about a kind elegant woman - love it. My family and I have been devotees of Patricia (and her soirees) since 2004. I attend one of Patricia's soirees at least once a year (I live in the States). A visit to Paris would not be complete otherwise - c'est magnifique!


Benjamin L. Hinnant said...

Beautiful article. Wonderfully done.

Sandee Garihan said...

Patricia is a dear friend I met in New York, and I now live in her native Atlanta. This was a most wonderful article, and I am so proud of her! Hope to be a part of one of her Soirees in the near future.

All the best always to Patricia and Eve,
Sandee Garihan

Big Brother said...

I have known (and loved) Patricia since I first met her as a little girl, the daughter of my first social work mentor, her mother Lillian. Lillian adopted me as "her son" and bequeathed Patricia to me as "my little sister". I've been following the soirees since she began them and always find them exciting and interesting. Who knows, one day maybe I'll drop in. Great work Patricia.

DRL said...

It was good to read the article. Patricia works hard to make her soirees both interesting and enjoyable. They are a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other expatriates, the French and a vast international set who pass through Paris. Always a worthwhile evening spent in good company with good entertainment or speakers on topical topics. I look forward to attending when I am next in Paris for my annual sejours. All best wishes Patricia.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading about the great Lady I got to know in Paris.
Patricia is a wonderful host. I love her events. I live in Las Vegas and when I visit Paris, I always see this lovely Lady.

Nelson T. Strobert said...

Thank you for this article. I enjoy atteding the soirées each summer or winter that I am here in Paris. Patricia makes one feel that one belongs in Paris whether one is here for a few days, weeks, or months. I have met people from around the world attending the events.

Another Open Door said...

I look forward to attending a soiree on my first visit to Paris.

Cleopatra Islar said...

Patricia, What a great concept for bringing together people from all parts of the globe to share experiences while networking and learning about other cultures. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. I will be back soon.

Patricia Laplante-Collins said...

FDeels great to read these lovely comments now in 2015!

Patricia Laplante-Collins