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Invitation to the African-American Community of Paris

When I was interviewed by Joe Langley for his radio show The Universe of Joseph Langley in March, Joe mentioned a gala event that would be sponsored by “The Brothers Paris” later in the spring. Read the guest posting by Romello Rivers below to find out what it is all about!


The Brothers Paris Spring Gala!
By Romello Rivers

Romello Rivers
© Franz Fox Kennedy

“The Brothers” is an organization of African American men in Paris that has been in existence since October 1995, when Tannie Stovall – civil rights activist, PhD, writer, historian, and film producer – began hosting weekly receptions for African-American men after being inspired by the “Million Man March.”

Over the years, Stovall’s guests have included a steadfast group of African-American men based in Paris, and have also included guests from the U.S. and other parts of the African Diaspora. These guests come from all walks of life, and include prominent businessmen, men of letters, social scientists, entertainers, writers, painters, artists, fashion and media personalities…just to name a few.

The topics of discussion and passionate debates usually center on issues relating to African Americans, including Africa, politics, history, philosophy, business and current events. One night, during a discussion of the fantastic history of African Americans in Paris, the idea was put forth that we should organize a cultural celebration!

Now, for the first time in Paris, the African-American community will come together to celebrate its culture...and share that celebration with the world!

Please consider this your personal invitation to join the festivities of “THE BROTHERS PARIS SPRING GALA!” The event will take place on Sunday evening, May 22th, 2011 on a beautiful riverboat called Le Café Barge, which is docked just behind the metro Gare du Lyon. The festivities will include an exquisite dinner, live jazz, blues, and R&B concerts, jam sessions, DJs, dancing, poetry, book signings, a vernissage featuring African-American artists, and much, much more…

Le Café Barge docked on the Seine
Photo courtesy of Le Barge Café

Over 15 entertainers and a few "surprise" celebrity guests will be performing! Everyone is welcome!!!

The Event and Admissions

Dinner includes:
Apéritif, starter, main course, dessert, wine, mineral water, and coffee

(Wine is one bottle per 3 persons.)

55 Euros per person, 11 Euros per child (there will be a children’s menu available)

Reservations are required.

Or you may just come for the music, concerts, dance and events:

Concert, DJ, dancing starts at 9pm

Admission: 15 Euros per person (Includes one free drink)

Date: Sunday May 22
Time: 8pm until…

Location: Le Café Barge
5, port de la Rapée
75012 PARIS
Metro: Gare du Lyon or Port du la Rapée

Dinner at twilight on Le Café Barge
Photo courtesy of Le Barge Café

Dinner and Show Reservations:

Send your RSVP to
then send your check made payable to Cafe Barge to the address below:

Zachary Miller
25, rue des Apennins
75017 - Paris, France

Dress code: upscale casual, semi-formal, dress to impress!

“Tell a friend to tell a friend!”

At the very minimum, The Brothers Paris Spring Gala! will be a fun, elegant affair, with delicious food, passionate music and dance, inspirational art and words.... Reaching its maximum potential, this will be nothing less than an "historic event" and a "signature moment" in the ongoing story of African Americans in Paris!

Sincerely yours, we remain,
The Brothers

The Brothers Paris Spring Gala! May 22, 2011

"Say it loud!"

a "third floor" production

For information about The Brothers, visit The Brothers Paris Facebook Page or The Brothers Paris Web site.


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